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GWN-1000B-1AER (tax incl.)

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Double Illuminator

Analog and digital areas of the watch face glow when the EL backlight is turned on.



The housing is shock resistant and protects against impact and vibration.


Solar system

The power supply clock is carried out through separate and solar cells friendly to the environment. Excess solar energy is stored in a battery.


Receiving radio signals DCF / MSF / WWVB / JJY / BPC

Whether in Europe, North America, Japan or Canada, Central America and China, once set the clock to the time zone you are in, it receives the relevant signal and to always show the exact time. Moreover, in many countries the summer and winter is automatically activated.

Display Neon

Needles and / or the index are covered by a fluorescent layer, and if the clock has been previously exposed to a light bulb, glow in the dark.



The built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north.


10,000 m Altimeter

A pressure sensor detects changes in the air pressure and converts the result into an altitude up to 10,000 m.


Sum of heights

With the sum of heights, you can add all the meters you have climbed. This feature allows you to see at a glance the total height that exceeded during a tour. 


Barometer (260/1100 hPa)

A special sensor measures the air pressure (measuring range: 260/1100 hPa) and displays through a symbol on the screen. This allows detection of weather trends in advance. 

Thermometer (-10 ° C / +60 ° C)

The watch has a sensor that measures ambient temperature and displays it in ° Celsius (-10 ° C / + 60 ° C). 

Moon phase indicator

After entering the geographical location, the lunar phases is symbolically shown individually. 

Tide gauge

The tidal movements are displayed graphically based on the values of latitude and longitude are entered.


Function Universal Time

The World Time function displays current time in up to 29 different time zones. 

Stopwatch - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours

Accurate measurement of elapsed time with the touch of a button. The fraction indicates the unit of measurement, while the time figure indicates the maximum time measurement. 

Timer - 1/1 min - 1 hr

For those of precision: the countdown timers useful to remember specific or recurring events by giving off an audible signal at a preset time. They can be configured for up to 24 minutes or hour in advance. 

5 daily alarms

The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events daily by an audible signal at the set time. In addition, another alarm, which can be switched, alerts you whenever a full hour. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments. 

Automatic adjustment of the hands

The automatic check hand setting the initial position and corrects every hour if necessary (in case of deviation shock as if by magnetism).


Sound on / off buttons

If desired, you may mute buttons with the Mode button. Once disabled, the watch no longer beeps when switching from one function to another. Preset alarm or countdown timer still active after mute buttons. 

Button lock crown

Protects the crown button from accidental changes from one mode of operation to another. 

Smart Access Technology

The Smart Access system through an electronic crown allows quick and intuitive access to all major functions of the watch so. With press and turn the watch crown can switch between different modes to handle functions such as stopwatch, timer, alarm, or universal time.   

Role of needle movement

Pressing the button, moving the needles enter allowing a cleaner visibility stopwatch functions and / or date.     

Auto Calendar

Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.     
Timekeeping 12-24 hours Times can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hours.

  • Watch Origin Japan Movement
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Watch Movement Quartz
  • Crystal Type Mineral
  • Water Resistance 20atm/200m or more
  • Clasp Type Buckle

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